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Our expertise



  • Marketing strategy

Our team helps you maximize ROI based on your goals and target audience.

With cutting-edge strategies and innovative tools, we will help you create value, differentiate yourself from the competition and ultimately increase your turnover.

  • Communication strategy

Because communication is an important point, we will accompany you from the development of your communication plan to its implementation step by step.

Our methodology is based on an analysis of the existing situation to optimize the  communication strategy for your activities, your new product launches but also to establish and amplify  the  notoriety of your structure.

Leadercom  implements a wide range of actions aimed at disseminating your messages through the mainstream media (radio, TV, press), the web, social media, and non-media (Fairs, exhibitions, etc.).

Our added value lies in methodological rigor and know-how.

Leadercom, always one step ahead. 

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